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The Struts 2 tutorial will help the reader truly understand Struts 2 concepts, it starts with simple examples and explains not only how to use Struts' features, but also how certain features work under the hood; Integrates Struts 2 application with Tiles 2, Freemarker, Spring and Hibernate/JPA.

1. Apache Struts 2, Java SE Development Kit, Apache Tomcat
2. Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, Struts 2 tags
3. Model-View-Controller (MVC), Object-Graph Navigation Language (OGNL)
4. The Spring framework, Hibernate + Microsoft SQL Server
5. JUnit + MySQL
6. Tiles + Oracle, Oracle SQL Developer
7. CRUD, i18n
8. Interceptors
9. Validation

Yes, there will be more lessons soon.

If you feel the code could use new features or fixes, or the tutorial can be improved, please get involved and lend us a hand! The Struts 2 titorial welcomes your participation. Let us know what you think!

The designers of software frameworks aim to facilitate software development by allowing architects and programmers to spend more time on meeting requirements rather than dealing with the more standard low-level details of providing a working system. For example, a team using Struts2 framework to develop a banking web site can focus on the operations of account withdrawals rather than the mechanics of request handling and state management.

Having a good framework is a lot like having a chunk of your application already written for you. Instead of having to start from scratch you start with the foundation already in place. If there is a community of developers using the same framework you have a community of support when you need it. You also have great assurance that the foundation you are building upon is less prone to bugs and vulnerability, which can slow down the development process.